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XPro M50 Mod (Upgraded to M65)

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XPro M50 Mod (Upgraded to M65)






Product Details

UPDATE: The M50 ships now with the M65 upgrade, so the maximum wattage is now 65W. Also, the delay to the main interface screen coming out of sleep mode has been drastically reduced. The upgrade also allows the device to be used while connected to a charger, and will charge while in its sleep mode with the screen off or device powered down.

The XPro M50 from SmokTech is very similar to the BT50, but in a smaller package. It uses an external 18650 battery with a maximum power output of 50W. Do you prefer mechanicals? This mod has a mech mode as well! This compact mod is great for stealth vaping, or even as your daily rig.

The 510 connection has an airflow channel for atomizers that receive airflow through their 510 connections. Featured also is an adjustable positive pin, so all your atomizers fit flush and have excellent conductivity. The M36 is charged via the included Micro-USB cable through the bottom of the mod. It uses a DNA-style interface that clearly shows output power, output voltage, atomizer resistance, and battery life.

NOTE: We recommend using only batteries rates for at least 20A in this device.

Quick Instruction Guide:

  • Power On, Lock, Unlock: Click the fire button 5 times quickly.
  • Wattage Up/Down: Press the + or - buttons to increase or decrease wattage in 0.1W steps.
  • Switch to Mech or Wattage Mode: Press the fire button 3 times and wait a few seconds on option 1. This will display the mode. To switch between WATTAGE MODE and MECH MODE, press the fire button. When the option you'd like to use is displayed, wait a few seconds for the menu to return to the main interface. To switch back, just repeat the process.
  • Power Off: Press the fire button 3 times and the menu will display. Press the fire button again to go to the power option (option 2). Wait a few seconds and POWER ON will display. Press the fire button again and the screen will show POWER OFF. Wait a few more seconds and the device will power down.

It is recommended to charge using the USB cable provided with the XPro M50 once you have installed an 18650 battery.


TerribleReview by brennan
running a RDA at 0.7 wanting to vape at 50watts? nope! it will kick your wattage down all the way to 35 and then it will work... but wait! as the battery dies it kicks it down another 5watts... then another 5watts... as the battery dies the unit gets weaker and weaker. completely unacceptable for a regulated mod. if i wanted a device that lost power as my battery died, i would have just brought in mech mods instead. wait till they fix this problem! dont know what they were thinking but thats not how a regulated mod works. (Posted on 4/1/15)
everyone i sold had issuesReview by Bryant
Its a nice device but everyone is having a issue firing any coil that is not .5. it is supposed to be able to handle down to .2 but it wont fire so i tried a .8 build on dripper and same issue again. then a customer brought one back because it won't fire subtank with 1.2 coil but will work with the .5 and i can not figure out what this issue is or find anything online (Posted on 2/12/15)
Great 50 Watt mini powerhouseReview by Dana
I had trouble getting the bottom plate off to put the initial battery in. After that, it was OK. My power button came off the 3rd day I had it and I lost it. I can still push the button. Other than that, I think it's the bomb! (Posted on 1/19/15)
Nice looking but needs work Review by Paul
Like the other guy said this thing looks good, put a Atlantis or Mega on it and it's sexy, but it sure doesn't work the way it looks.
- First issue was the screws, they wanted to strip trying to get them out.
- Second was the loose feel of the internals.
- Third and most importantly, when using with the ATLANTIS .5ohm tank it would read different resistances nearly every time while firing and would burn the heck out of the juice/coil. Press the button a few times and it would finally read it at .5ohm and Fire correctly a few times.
I have used it for over a week now and still getting the same variable reading from my coils, on both the .5 ATLANTIS and the mega .8ohm. I cleaned tanks/coil and still had issue. Put the same tanks on my IPV and it fired flawlessly every time.
- As a store owner & online reseller I will not try to sell these to my customers. I always take what I plan to sell & use it for a short while, and if it has issues like this within the first week I will not sell that to my customers.
Nice price and look but Smok didn't put much time or thought into this, I think they wanted to put something out quickly & did just that. If they put the effort into this box mod it could have taken over the market with its size to wattage ratio.

(Posted on 1/16/15)
What a great little deviceReview by Eric
Its not much bigger than the Istick 20w and will fire the Subtank and Atlantis!

I do want to address ****** above
1. Took the screws out and the bottom cover was effortless to remove. Dropped in a fresh battery, tightened them back up and have had no issues what so ever with the battery door. As far as the "removing battery if it goes dead", it has a USB charger, so you can charge it without having to remove the battery.

2. Once opened you notice a well thought out battery tunnel that keeps the battery secure, and the board hasnt moved at all, same goes for the usb board.

3. No screen cover movement at all

(Posted on 1/15/15)
Wait For The 2nd Or 3rd Revishion!Review by Travis
First look is that its super small for 50watts and its sexy but let me list the issues I found before I could put the battery in.

1 Took all four screws out and the battery cover was like a pressed bearing. Would not come out even after smacking it on my leg over and over trying to get it to fall out. You can not pry it out even with a micro screw driver. So this is how to get the door off. Put the screws back in and turn them in about 4 rotations. Then smack the pv (bottom first) on a block of wood. Then it will finally pop out so you can put a battery in. Seems tough if your out and about and the battery goes dead huh. Oh don't forget the wrench or you wont get the door open at all.

2 when you get it open you will notice the inherently loose board also featured in the Smok Ace. Will they ever get the clue on that? Try plugging the charge cord in and the board moves!

3 The screen cover. Push the fire button and the screen cover moves.

In conclusion: This is like something that was an after though. But the price is nice. As a reseller I will choose to stay away from it personally cause people can actually come to my store and hold me accountable. Not that I mind that but the product has got to be rite and I would rather a comeback be from someone that forgot to turn the ego on or did not know the coil goes bad. This is just too much risk IMO.

It is a darn fine vape otherwise. Like the buttons, like the screen, chip, size, & feel. This is why I gave it 3 stars. (Posted on 1/9/15)

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