Welcome American ECIG Supply Customers!

American ECIG Supply and Wholesale Vaping Supply are pleased to announce that our companies have merged! Our combined team is excited to offer best in class service, selection and pricing to our valued customers. To ease the transition your account will stay the same, you will just need to reset your password when prompted. Your dedicated staff can still be reached at 1-866-916-ECIG (3244).

Thank you for your business!

Welcome to Wholesale Vaping Supply!

Wholesale Marketplace Guide

Getting Started

Welcome to the E-Liquid Marketplace!  We’re so excited to launch this platform to help you grow your business and bring your products to retailers nationwide and across the world.  We have put together this guide to familiarize you with how the E-liquid Marketplace works, and how to use it.  If you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at (704) 634-7070, or you can send us an email at support@wholesalevapingsupply.com and we’ll be happy to help as best we can. 

Once you’ve applied for and received approval confirmation, you will have access to the DASHBOARD, which is where all actions related to the Marketplace will be performed.  The dashboard is your home page.  From here, you will be able to view all of your wholesale orders.  You can access your dashboard here or from the top menu of any of the pages.

Adding Products

After your account has been approved by the Marketplace team, you will be able to add your first product. 

  1. Select the PRODUCTS EDIT page.  You can access it directly by clicking here or from the top menu of any of the pages.
  2. At the bottom of the MY PRODUCTS page, you will see a button to “ADD NEW PRODUCT.”  Above this button is a drop-down menu for which type of product you’d like to add.  Select “E-liquid”.  Next to the first menu, another will appear.  Select “Default” in this menu.  Then click the ADD NEW PRODUCT button.
  3. Now you will be on the page to enter the product’s information.  Below you will find a breakdown of the fields.  Nearly all of the fields are marked with a *.  These fields are mandatory.
    1. Fix description - This is where any notes from us will show up if the product needs fixing. We manually approve all products, so if anything needs to be fixed we’ll leave you a note here, and you will receive an email to that end.
    2. Name - The product name
    3. Custom Options - If you want to have a dropdown menu on your product page for different bottle sizes or nicotine levels, you add those options here.  Click on “Add New Option”, enter a title, choose “drop-down”, and add your options. For example: Drop-down title “Select Size & Strength”, and add "15ml 0mg”, “15ml 6mg”, “15ml 12mg" as an options with their prices. You can add as many options as you want.  If you have multiple options with different prices, a best practice would be to leave the main “Price” field as 0, and add the per bottle price in the options.
    4. Once you have filled out all the applicable fields, click SAVE or SAVE AND CONTINUE EDIT.  Both options will save the product options.  SAVE AND CONTINUE EDIT will keep you on that products page and allow you to continue changing options, while SAVE will bring you to the PRODUCT EDIT page on which you started. 
    5. After you’ve saved your product, our Marketplace team will be notified that you’ve saved a product so it can be approved and made live on the website.  If there are any problems with the product, you will receive an email notification that a fix will be required to make your product live on the site (see “Fix description” above). Once the product has been approved by our wholesale team, it will be made available on the site for sale. 
    1. Short Description - The first small description on the product page
    2. Description - The long description on the bottom of the page
    3. Manufacturer SKU - The internal SKU that you set.  SKUs on our end are automatically generated
    4. Price - The product price (see Custom Options at the bottom of this list for more information).
    5. Special Price - If you want to put the product on sale, put a price here. Otherwise leave it blank
    6. Special Price From/To - The dates you want the products on sale
    7. Minimum QTY Allowed in Shopping Cart - If you want to have a MOQ for a specific product, enter that value here. Otherwise leave it at 1.
    8. Manage Stock - If you want to have our system manage your inventory, leave this as “Yes” and enter the quantity in the “Stock Qty” field.  If you do not want to manage inventory, uncheck the “Use Config Settings” box and select “No” from the dropdown.  If your products are made-to-order, we recommend selecting “No” and managing your own inventory.
    9. Weight - The product weight in pounds. 
    10. Stock Status - If the product is out of stock, customers cannot purchase it. 
    11. Categories - You will have a unique category for all of your products. When you create the product, select your category for that product or it will not show up on the website.
    12. Tier Price - If you want to have discounts for higher quantities of bottles, you can add special tiers for those tiers.
    13. Tax Class - Select “None” from this list.  Liquids are only available for wholesale at this time, and taxes are not applied.
    14. Images - You must have at least one image for each product, but you are not limited to only one product.  The main product image needs to have the three radio buttons selected or the image will not show on the product page.  By default, your first image will be the product image, and any others will only appear on the product page under the main image.


Besides the standard account information, you have the option to set your shop into vacation mode.  If you set a vacation mode, it becomes immediately effective, and you’ll have the option in the drop-down menu.  If you select “Notify Customer on Availability,” this will notify the customer by email after checkout that you are not available, and what day you will return to fulfill the order. You can also “Disable Products” which will prevent your products from being displayed for sale until you return.


The STOCK page can be accessed directly here or from the top menu of any of the pages.  If you’ve elected to manage your own stock using the Marketplace system, click the STOCK page to add quantities to your products, or set them to in- or out-of-stock.  If necessary, you can also sort your flavors on this page by SKU, name, quantities available, or in-stock status.  Once you’ve made the desired changes, click the UPDATE INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE button to make your changes live.


You will be able to view all of your wholesale orders from the DASHBOARD.  If you need to sort or filter your orders, this can be done at the top of the page by parameters like order ID, order date, delivery method, shipping status, and others.  Once you’ve selected the options you would like to filter or sort by, click the APPLY FILTER button under the options and then the matching orders will display below the ORDERS heading.

For your convenience, the site will automatically generate a packing slip for each order available for download in the far right hand column of the order.

To ship the order, click the + button next to the Order ID.  Here, the order itself will be displayed, as well as the customer, shipping address and contact information for the retailer.  You’ll also be able to add information like the package carrier, tracking ID, any comments for your customer, and change the order’s status.  After all information for shipping and/or order status has been entered, click SUBMIT and the customer will receive an email to notify them of the update.

Finally, the comments history will appear in the lower right hand corner.  Whenever you change the status of the order, a date and time stamp will appear in this section with the action performed.

Answering Questions

Your potential wholesale customers may have some questions or concerns regarding your products before they buy.  To facilitate this communication, there is a question system in place on the site.  You will be able to see the questions they’ve asked from your product page under the CUSTOMER QUESTIONS page on your account, or you can click here.

On this page, all of your customers’ questions will appear.  Like your orders, they can be sorted by parameters.  Questions are asked privately, only to you as a manufacturer, and are not available for viewing by others.  To answer questions, click the customer’s name next to the question you’d like to address.  You may change your answers at a later date if you need to, and reply to their question again.

Once you’ve answered the question in the ANSWER TEXT box, you may click the SAVE or SAVE AND EMAIL button.  Clicking the second option will generate an email to the customer that asked the question to let them know that it has been addressed by you.

Returns and RMAs

Not everything goes as planned all the time, so there is a ticket system in place for customer issues and returns to be addressed. Customers will be able to enter a request for an RMA on their accounts through their Orders portal.  When a request is sent, it will populate on your RETURNS page, which can be accessed directly here or from the top menu of any of the pages.  The page is laid out similarly to orders, and you may sort by RMA ID, date, reason or status.  RMAs can also be sorted by certain parameters.

Rating System

To give your wholesale customers confidence, especially with manufacturers they are unfamiliar with, there is a rating system in place.  Current and past customers will be able to rate your products individually, and their experience with you as a manufacturer separately.  It is our position that customer service is key to success, so it will be vital to achieve and maintain a positive relationship with your wholesale customers.

Once a customer has purchased an item from you and you have marked it shipped, they will be able to leave feedback for you, similar to that of an eBay seller.  These ratings will be based on the quality of your service, not your products.  Once they have submitted a review, we will approve those manually to prevent malicious interference with your business, or to prevent reviews of your products being applied to you as a vendor.  Ratings cannot be edited by the customer, but upon their request, our Marketplace team can edit their review for them.  The ratings follow several categories, and are based on a 5-point star rating.  These are visible to customers looking at your products.

Ratings will also be available through the product page for individual products.  They follow the same 5-star rating scale as vendor reviews, but apply specifically to your products.  Reviews will appear under the REVIEWS tab of your product’s page on the site.

Helpful Tips

  • State either through drop downs or in the product description the size of the bottle being purchased, as well as the bottle type (glass, color, childproof, etc)
  • State VG/PG ratios if not specified as an option
  • Make sure weights are accurate so as to not inflate shipping costs. Weight is measured in pounds.
  • State if chemical free
  • Label and bottle pictures are beneficial as well as to flavor images.
  • Wholesale pricing. Be reasonable if this is a new market for you. Overpriced wholesale liquids will sell at a much slower pace.
  • If you have a mandated MSRP, please state it otherwise it will be regular markup when resold.
  • Feel free to use html in descriptions and be as descriptive as possible.
  • MOQ levels. When first starting with products, people unfamiliar with your product may be hesitant to purchase if the moq is too high. Sampler packs may help people who are buying for the first time.
  • Each time you make a change to a product, it needs to be re-approved by us before it is live on the site. Please try to make sure all of this information is included.
  • Make sure your categories and images are selected!