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Intelligent Leadership Requires Intelligence

March 2, 2018

Our friends at ECigIntelligence are conducting an important survey that will help tell the story of the diversity and strength of our vapor industry and we are asking every vapor company and vape shop to take a few minutes to complete the survey. Surveys are only as good as those who participate and only as good as the information you provide. So, please take the time to do your part and help us create the most accurate picture of how vape shops and vape companies contribute to our economy. Per ECigIntelligence, the specific information you provide will be kept confidential by ECigIntelligence and will not be shared with anyone. Instead, your responses will be aggregated with all the others so that the combined information will enable us to paint the best picture of the vapor industry with the decision makers in Washington D.C. and in your states. Click here or on the ECigIntelligence icon below to take the survey now!