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Gi2 Replica

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Gi2 Replica






Product Details

The Gi2 is a high-tech box mod with variable wattage and variable voltage! It's beefy, but much smaller than you may think. It takes two 18650 batteries in series, and should only be used with batteries with a continuous discharge rate of 20A or higher. The Gi2 has 510 threading along with a spring-loaded positive pin to ensure that your atomizer fits flush to the mod. This mod also has one of the best, most informative, screens we've ever seen. The full-color LCD display will show your output voltage, output wattage, resistance, vape time, remaining battery voltage, and the current being pulled from the batteries. The Gi2 is made of high-quality aluminum, and batteries are inserted via a sliding back panel with no screws to fiddle with! Battery changes are quick and easy, and with 2 batteries, infrequent. The Gi2 is a fantastic mod for anyone who wants to use a wide range of atomizers and/or voltages. Comes with a black zipper case.

Quick Specs:

  • Maximum Output Power: 100W
  • Minimum Output Power: 1W
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 5.5V
  • Minimum Output Voltage: 1V
  • Maximum Output Current: 20A
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.1Ω
  • Maximum Resistance: 4.0Ω
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Overheating Protection

Button Combination Options:

  • Press and hold FIRE to turn on the device from the “Power standby…” screen. This will bring the device to the main interface.
  • Pressing MENU and MINUS together will switch the device to variable wattage (VW) mode. Pressing MENU and MINUS together again will display the image stored on the SD card. Pressing this combination a third time will return the screen will return the device to VW mode.
  • Pressing MENU and PLUS together will switch the device back to variable voltage (VV) mode.
  • Pressing the PLUS or MINUS buttons while in VV or VW mode will adjust the values up or down, respectively.

Icon Menu Options

  • To use the menu options indicated by the icons at the bottom of the main interface, press and hold the MENU button for 5 seconds. A white outline will appear around the LOCK icon and enable navigation of these options. Use the PLUS or MINUS buttons to select the option you would like to open. Then press FIRE to open the option.
  • The blue LOCK icon will lock and shut down the device. To select the option, press the FIRE button and a lock will display on the screen. Pressing and holding the FIRE button will then shut down the device.
  • The red WRENCH icon will open the “Settings” screen. Here you may adjust brightness, maximum firing time, VV output or VW output. Press FIRE to scroll down and select the option you would like to change, and PLUS or MINUS to change the values. Pressing the MENU button will exit the menu system back to the main interface.
  • The green SD CARD icon will open the “Notepad” screen which displays a screen legend and the protections the device features.
  • The purple QUESTION MARK icon will open the “About Us” screen which displays the model, manufacture date, serial number, Grand Innovations’ website, and the software version.


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